Green, Roberts & Butler, Veterinary Surgeons

There has been an independent, mixed, veterinary practice, owned and run by local veterinary surgeons, on the site of our main premises in Newport since the late 1960's. The current trading name of Green, Roberts & Butler came into existence in 2017. This replaced the long-established previous name of Green & Forster, following the retirement of Sarah Forster. The new name reflects the make-up of the ongoing ownership of the practice, with Honor Roberts and Katy Butler joining continuing Director Dr Ian Green as co-owners of the practice. This change continues a long tradition at the practice of promoting existing staff members to co-ownership of the business, alongside one or more continuing owners, helping to ensure continuity in the way the practice is run.


Our continuing aim is to provide a friendly, first class service at affordable prices, where the care and well-being of the patient is paramount. Our main surgery is in Carisbrooke Rd, Newport, where, in addition to consulting, surgical operations, hospitalisations and in depth investigations are performed. We also have branch surgeries for consulting in Ventnor, Yarmouth and Freshwater and, new from August 2018, a branch surgery in Sandown with full consulting, operating and x-ray facilities as well as a hydrotherapy water-treadmill unit . We offer a wide range of consulting times and can see clients either by appointment or at one of our many open or 'walk-in' surgeries. In addition to performing routine veterinary procedures, we are well equipped to deal with most medical and surgical problems arising in pets, farm animals and exotic species and are well used to performing visits where required. (We do not currently treat horses but are happy to direct clients to local practices which do). We provide our own dedicated 24 hour emergency service for our clients. 

Our ethos is simple-"We aim to treat your animals as if they were our own."

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   Covid 19- practice policies - from 16th April 2020:

Following the start of the 'lockdown' that was implemented on 23/03/20 because of the current coronavirus pandemic, the veterinary profession became extremely restricted in terms of what cases we were allowed to see. This was done to stop 'non-essential' journeys and reduce social interactions, helping to protect clients and staff from this potentially deadly disease. Essentially we have only been allowed to see 'emergency' or 'urgent' cases - (with the definition of 'urgent' being cases that if left unseen would become 'emergency' cases or cases where the welfare of an animal would become severely compromised during the period of lockdown). Our profession's regulatory bodies decreed that all other work, including routine vaccinations and neuterings should cease for the moment.

This guidance however has now been amended, after the government's announcement of the lockdown extension for a minimum of a further 3 weeks. The British Veterinary Association (BVA) have recognised that a prolonged lockdown means that some situations which wouldn't be considered 'urgent' during a 3 week lockdown could become so through an extended lockdown. As well as all previous cases considered emergencies or urgent, these situations can also now include: primary vaccination courses for puppies and kittens; 1st annual boosters after the primary course; annual boosters that have become 3 months overdue (ie 15 months since the previous vaccine will have elapsed during the period of lockdown); rabbit vaccinations; and neutering of some animals  - for example cats that can't be kept indoors and bitches or dogs that are kept in the same household as an entire animal of the opposite sex. Our practice has been following the BVA's guidelines at all times and we can advise our clients that we are now able to offer these services as well as continuing to provide all the urgent and emergency care that we have been up until now. 

However, in order to safeguard our clients and staff as best as possible whilst continuing to supply a high level of service, the following changes to our usual procedures are in place:

General - hours and appointments: our branch surgeries at Sandown, Ventnor, Freshwater and Yarmouth will remain closed. All work will be conducted at our main surgery in Newport (or via visits in some circumstances).


 ***UPDATE - as of mid June we are starting to offer some services, on some days, at our Sandown branch again. What services will be offered on which days is likely to be a changing - (but hopefully expanding -) situation depending on staff availability. If you would like to make an appointment to be seen at Sandown please phone either our Newport or Sandown numbers. (If no-one is available to answer at Sandown calls will be diverted to Newport). To announce your arrival for an appointment at Sandown please phone 01983 217555 or attract the attention of the receptionist through the window. Do not try to come through the door unless and until instructed to do so. We hope to make further announcements regarding the reopening of other branches in the near future. ***

****FURTHER UPDATE - as of the end of July we are offering appointments on selected days at our Freshwater surgery. To make an appointment please telephone our main Newport number (522822). To announce your arrival for an appointment at Freshwater please attract the receptionist's attention by waving through the window or knocking on the door.

Our staff are now working in teams to reduce the risk of viral spread. This means that fewer staff will be at work than would be 'the normal' on each day. However we will be open to see cases 7 days a week including bank holidays. Staff will be at the surgery to deal with 'allowed' cases from 8.30 am to 6pm every day. An 'on call' team will deal with emergencies occurring outside of these hours.

All animals needing to be seen will be seen by appointment only. Please call 01983 522822 to make an appointment or to make enquiries. Less urgent enquiries can also be made by e-mail (to Clients collecting animals after operations and hospitalisations will be given 'appointment' times for collection.

Social distancing: we are asking all clients to respect required social distancing measures at this difficult time. Unless absolutely essential we ask that only 1 person attends with an animal at a time. When arriving at our Newport surgery please notify reception by phone rather than entering the building. If arriving by car - please then wait in your car - a member of staff will contact you when they are ready to see to you. If arriving on foot or by public transport then please wait in the car park- after having rung reception - keeping as far apart from others as possible. Should the weather be appalling, there will be a very limited number of chairs - suitably spaced - in the waiting room. These are only for those who have no car to wait in. Generally however clients will not be allowed in our buildings. When it is your turn to be seen, a vet or nurse will talk to you first to assess what needs to be done. This may be by phone or from a distance through a car window. Some examinations may be done in the car park. In other circumstances it may well be that we need to take your animal away from you temporarily in order to conduct an examination. In such an event the vet will also talk to you after the examination as above. Please make sure that all dogs have a secure collar or harness and lead and cats and all other small animals are contained in a suitable, secure container. If you are bringing an animal in for an operation again please phone on arrival and follow any instructions you are given.

Payments: wherever possible we would ask that people make payments by card over the phone. After consultations or collecting an animal this is best done from our car park in case of any immediate queries or if a receipt is required. In the rare case that you are unable to do this then please phone the surgery to see if you can pay over the counter - but only by respecting 'social distancing'  (ie allowing our receptionists to move back from the counter should you need to advance to the counter).

Hygiene: this is part of our normal practice life anyway, however additional measures are currently in place. These include extremely regular cleaning and disinfection of all items that people are in contact with such as door handles, chairs and counter tops. Although we are restricting access to our buildings for members of the public, we are providing hand sanitisers at the entrances to all our buildings. Should you be admitted then please use on entering and exiting the building.

Telephone consultations: we can perform some consultations by telephone. There are clearly significant limitations to this - no physical examinations can be performed and no drugs can be administered (eg by injections) although some diagnoses can be made and some drugs may still be able to be prescribed in this way - if appropriate. Because of these limitations telephone consultation charges will be significantly less than normal consultation fees. If you would like to have a telephone consultation then please telephone or e-mail the surgery first and a receptionist will arrange for a vet to call you back.


Repeat prescription and food deliveries: to reduce the number of people arriving at our surgeries we are offering a delivery service for those in need of repeat prescriptions and special foods. The charge for this will be £4 per delivery. 

This is still an evolving situation and further changes may follow. If you do need our services then please always contact us first by phone (01983 522822) or by e-mail if less urgent ( and our reception team will be able to advise you accordingly. Please note regular updates are also posted on our facebook page. We thank you in advance for following these protocols and for your patience and understanding during busy periods. Please be aware that in order to comply with covid guidelines many procedures are taking longer than would normally be the case. 



T: 01983 522 822