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Requesting Repeat Medications and Special Diets Online

If your animal is on longer-term medication (or a special diet) you will usually need to request a repeat supply. These can be ordered by clicking on the link below and completing and submitting the repeat prescription request form. 

Repeat supplies of prescription only medicines do need to be authorised by a veterinary surgeon and occasionally a discussion with the vet, usually by phone, may be needed. Some drugs and foods may need to be ordered in especially and all will need to be prepared, labelled, checked and, if required, sent to a branch surgery for collection. For these reasons we ask that requests for repeat prescriptions are made at least 2 full working days before collection. Please see the chart below to show your collection day.

Any animal on long-term medication does need regular check-ups to ensure that the drugs are still appropriate and effective and that the animal is not developing undue side effects. Legally vets are only allowed to prescribe and supply 'prescription only' drugs to animals that are 'under their care'. Whilst this phrase is open to different interpretations, general consensus is that if a vet hasn't seen an animal for more than 6 months it cannot be considered to be under his or her care. Consequently we will usually need to see an animal for a check-up at least twice a year in order to be able to continue to supply many drugs.

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